Breakfast at Tiffany's Cones

Breakfast at Tiffany's Cones

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The Breakfast at Tiffany's Cones.  Featuring a tiffany blue with a gold tip this pairing is sure to become a modern classic.  

Eco friendly? Check.  Ultra thin?  Check.  Plant based dye?  Check.  The only thing our cones don't do is pack themselves (and if they did what fun would that be?). 

  • 1 box contains 6 pre-rolled Tiffany blue with gold tip cones
  • Cones are shipped empty so you can fill with your own favorite herb at home
  • Paper is from natural eco-friendly palm pulp rolling paper that comes from the        husk of the palm fruit and NOT the tree.
  • Tip is made with safe food grade, non plastic materials
  • All cones have passed California category III testing