Nectar Canna-Kit

Nectar Canna-Kit

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We're always here for a matching set in our lives and our canna-kits are no exception.  Our canna-kits are designed to coordinate perfectly and take the guess work out of smoking beautifully each and every day.  Just call us your personal stylists slash canna BFF's.  

This set includes 1 Nectar Crystal Pipe, 1 Fara Ashtray, 1 Mila Grinder


Nectar Pipe

  • 1 Nectar Pipe made of yellow Jade 
  • Brass filter 
  • Comes with cleaning brush and 2 replacement filters
  • 4.3” long and 1.2” wide

Fara Ashtray

  • 4"wide by 1"high
  • Gold coated alloy
  • Featuring the Verdeux logo

Mila Grinder

  • 1 7/8" tall and 2 1/4" wide 
  • Made of aluminum alloy in a gold finish
  • 3 sections that come apart with the top closure being magnetic 
  • Comes with kief scrapper in bottom section