About Us




Hey there! It's so nice to meet you all. We are Gena & Nanette, founders of Verdeux! We started Verdeux with a simple concept; to curate collections of cannabis accessories for people who want to smoke beautifully.

We both built our careers in the fashion industry and strongly believe that everything in your life can add both beauty & function. After years of working for others, we wanted to create something of our own; products for people like us-trying to juggle it all with a little bit of style.   

Even though cannabis was becoming mainstream (it's about damn time), we struggled to find accessories that spoke to our aesthetic and added beauty to our smoking experience and our homes. So much in the industry was changing but our cannabis supplies still felt the same as they did a decade ago-they needed a glow-up.  With this in mind we set out to curate a collection of cannabis supplies for the modern "cannasseur".  Contemporary, beautiful & functional.  We hope your Verduex accessories bring as much beauty and joy to your cannabis experience as creating them has brought to ours.